About Us


“Just everything by us…”


Fouladsab Engineering Company started its activities in the field of manufacture and supply of spare parts and equipments of tile and ceramic factories in 1993.

The activities of Fouladsab Engineering Company are divided in two branches of Engineering and manufacturing. The services rendered by these two branches are as follows:


The activities of Engineering services Unit:

  • Design parts and equipments; prepare working drawings in accordance with the standards of tile and ceramic industry.
  • Provide consultation for the selection and replacement of material
  • Inspection and quality control.


The activities of manufacturing Unit:

  • Manufacture parts in accordance with the sample or designed drawings.
  • Manufacture, assemble and install equipments and machineries of different production lines



In the following, we provide the state of the art achievements in the field of parts, equipments and spare parts of tile and ceramic factories. The diverse products of our company contain more than 1000 types of parts. At present, almost all manufacturers of tile and ceramic of IRAN purchase significant portion of their equipments and spare parts from fouladsab Engineering Company. Here, we introduce you only a selected part of our products; but we are ready to manufacture your required spare parts as sample or drawings.