About Fooladsab Company

Saab Steel Engineering Company started its activity in 1993 in the field of providing services, manufacturing and supplying spare parts and equipment for ceramic tile factories. The activities of Saab Steel Engineering Company are concentrated in two units of engineering and construction. The services of these two units can be described as follows:
Activities of Engineering Services Unit:
• Designing parts and equipment and preparing executive plans in accordance with the standards of ceramic tile industry
• Advice on material selection and replacement
• Inspection and quality control
Construction unit activity:
• Manufacture of parts based on samples or designed drawings
• Manufacturing, assembly and installation of equipment and machinery of various production lines
Products :
In the collection in front of you, we present our latest achievements in the field of parts, equipment and spare parts for ceramic tile factories. The products of this company are very diverse and include more than 1000 pieces. At present, the vast majority of ceramic tile manufacturers in Iran supply a significant part of the required parts and spare parts by Fooladsab Engineering Company. In this collection, we have selected only a selection of products and we are ready to supply and produce the required spare parts by providing a map or sample.